Tumbler Screening

The Allgaier tumbler screening system is used in fine and ultrafine screening throughout the world and can be adjusted to fit your screening needs. The Tumbler Screener is always innovative due to the constant research done by our engineers. The unique motion of the tumbler screener allows for many different materials of various sizes and shapes to be screened with a high efficiency.

Screen Cleaning

Unique screen cleaning features include: Balls, air, brushes, ultrasound or combinations of the above keep the screen meshes clear and make the screening process efficient.

Allgaier Tumbler screener 1 medium
Tumbler Screnner

Screening method that is not harmful to the product
Fractioning down to 450 mesh
Dust removal, protective screening, fractioning
High separation precision with up to 99 % screening quality
Throughput up to 40 t/h
9 sizes with diameters between 23.62 inches and 114.17 inches
Screen surface/deck 11.02 – 251.97 inches2
One to 5 decks for 2 – 6 fractions
Greatest hygienic design for pharmaceuticals and food
Special versions such as mobile frames, quick clamps or folding hoods

What sets the Allgaier Tumbler screener apart is that it features multiple direction screening and speed which allow the highest efficiency and accuracy in material screening.

Application options

Stones and soil   .   Waste/recycling   .   Chemicals   .   Foodstuffs   .   Mining (coal/ore)   .   Metallurgy

Wood/particle boards   .   Plastics   .   Pharmaceuticals   .   Ceramics   .   Fodder   .   Bio fuels/pellets

Air brush cleaning
Air cleaning
ATEX version
Bouncing ball cleaning
Brush cleaning
Frame (mobile, stationary)
Hinged cover
Hygienic design
Lifting devices
Passing units
Quick clamps
Segmented screening inserts
Special outlets
Ultrasonic air cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning
WIP version

Improved fine balancing
Ultrasonic air cleaning optimises ultrafine screening
Segmented screening inserts
A hinged cover makes many things easier
Deck lifting systems
Quick-clamping systems
Process monitoring for tumbler screening systems
Ultrasonic screening system
Drive synchronisation neutralises vibration